Diminish Stretch Marks

diminish stretch marks

Diminish Stretch Marks

You Can Diminish Stretch Marks With Laser Genesis

Stretch marks can begin at a very young age, especially during adolescents and then again when we get pregnant or have fluctuations in weight.  If your a weight lifter, and experience a quick increase in muscle mass you can experience stretch marks, especially in the upper arms. Stretch marks can play a huge role in how we feel about our looks.  You could be super fit, but feel bad about wearing that bikini because your tummy has stretch marks. Regain your self confidence with Laser Genesis.  A new type of laser that has been found to diminish stretch marks. You can diminish stretch marks with laser genesis.

diminish stretch marks

You can diminish stretch marks with laser genesis.

What is Laser Genesis?

This is a non-ablative laser made by Cutera that is generally used on the face to reduce pigmentation marks, enlarged pores, and gently tightens the skin. This is done with a special wave length of laser that affects the superficial dermis. It is safe, painless, and there is no recover time needed. Patients claim that it is actually a relaxing sensation. It is also effective for dilated capillaries in the face, so it reduces redness characteristic in some people with pale complexions and sun damage. The Laser Genesis is also most commonly beneficial for treatment of scars on any area of the body, particularly those that are only several months old.

How can Laser Genesis diminish the appearance of stretch marks?

The heat created from the laser emitted from the Laser Genesis to the dermis remodels the collagen, and this reduces the appearance of the stretch marks. There is no way to eliminate them entirely. but to tighten them and diminish the visibility of them is a giant step in the right direction.

For best results the Team at Savannah Anti AgingLaser Genesis takes from 3 to 6 treatments. We have had very positive results on people under thirty years old because of their very active collagen production.

To determine if Laser Genesis is right for you and can aid in diminishing your stretch marks, call today.  Schedule or call today. 912-354-4411

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