Basic ThermiVa Benefits

Basic ThermiVa Benefits

Basic ThermiVa Benefits

Have you heard about the groundbreaking ThermiVa treatments being offered at Savannah Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation Center, based in Savannah, Georgia? If not, you need to keep reading. This impressive vaginal rejuvenation treatment is unlike any other you’ve seen before. For this reason, we’ve decided to compile a list of Basic ThermiVa Benefits – the positive aspects of the treatment that will help you walk away happier and more confident than ever.

Childbirth and the natural aging process can take a serious toll on feminine wellness. If you have experienced a strenuous birth, menopause, or multiple births, you may be facing a lack of the self-confidence and happiness that you truly deserve to feel at this stage of your life.

How can ThermiVa help? Simple. The treatment involves a series of three separate treatments over a period of three months. These treatments utilize radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue and rejuvenate collagen. Delivery uses controlled thermal energy on desired areas (whether external or internal). If this sounds similar to our ThermiTight or ThermiSmooth treatments – it is! The same technology is being used to reduce the effects of aging on your self-confidence.

This basic procedure requires zero downtime (other than office appointments) and zero anesthetics. Physicians have reported that their patients feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy with the results. The treatment is convenient and safe. Clinical studies have shown that temperature-controlled radiofrequency procedures are both effective and safe.

So, what about the Basic ThermiVa Benefits you’ve been promised?

We have them here.

Basic ThermiVa Benefits include:

  • A reduction in skin laxity
  • Overall heightened sensitivity
  • A tighter feel – inside and outside
  • Increased sexual function
  • Minimized URIs (Urinary Stress Incontinence)

If you want your life back – if you want to feel as confident as you did before – ThermiVa is the right choice for you. Backed by our skilled doctors – Dr. E. Ronald Finger and Dr. Monte Slater – it doesn’t get much safer than this.

Looking for even more information about Basic ThermiVa Benefits? We’ve got you covered. Visit our official website or contact us to schedule an appointment. You can also learn about our services and read our reviews.

Choosing to take part in any procedure can be nerve-wracking, but ThermiVa is a minimally invasive procedure that will have you feeling far more confident when you leave than when you came. You can rest easy, knowing that ThermiVa has everything under control.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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