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Savannah Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation Center now offers: All Natural Painless Non- Laser Tattoo Removal! “GO TATTLESS”



You Can Get Rid of Old Tattoos Without The Pain.

Go Tattless is revolutionary way to get rid of old tattoos. You got that tattoo on the strip in Vegas back in 98’; everyone said, “what happens on Vegas stays in Vegas,” well except that Tasmanian devil tattoo.  Do you want to get rid of old tattoos? At Savannah Anti-Aging we have the best tattoo removal system out there, Go Tattless.  Go Tattless is state-of-the-art tattoo removal that is relatively pain free, and that old tattoo will truly fade right before your eyes.  Go Tattless uses medicinal natural proprietors to remove the ink from your skin.

How Does Go Tattless Get Rid Of Old Tattoos?

Go Tattless is different from previous tattoos removal treatments.  The previous procedures to remove tattoos are laser tattoo removal and acidic tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal involves:

• Explodes Ink Into Body
• High Pain / Burning
• 8-20 Procedures
• NOT-All Colors Removed
• Man-Made LASER

Acidic Tattoo Removal involves:

• Burn Skin and Ink
• Moderate Pain / Burning
• 3-8 Procedures
• All Colors Removed
• Synthetic Acid Injections

My thought on these two very outdated tattoo removal techniques, are pure pain.  Thinking about having the ink explode in my body, pain, and burning sensation, worse than the feeling of the tattoo itself, just doesn’t seem like the best way to remove tattoos. Also most of the time the tattoos are not even all the way gone and leave the skin looking bad.  With Go Tattless, we see revolutionary techniques in removing old tattoos, without recovery or pain. Old tattoos will be gone completely within 3-6 treatments depending on size and ink color used for the tattoo.

Go Tattless Tattoo Removal Includes:
• Draws Out Ink From Skin
• Relatively Pain Free
• 3-6 Treatments
• All Colors Removed
• 100% Natural Process

Watch this video on How Go Tattless Can Get Rid Of Old Tattoos

How Go Tattless Works:
The Go Tattless goal is to provide the most gentle and relaxing experience possible. During your totally complimentary consultation, Savannah Anti Aging will explain how the procedure works. Once your consultation is complete it is now time to get you “un-inked”! There are just four easy steps per treatment.

Step 1:
The first step of the Go Tattless procedure is to simply assess a starting point and create the best plan to remove the first section of your tattoo.

Step 2:
The second step in the Go Tattless process is prepping the skin for the procedure. During this time we clean and apply our proprietary non-abrasive products to your skin.

Step 3:
Third step of the Go Tattless procedure is the part when your tattoo is removed. During step three our scar inhibiting formula is working away to “un-Ink” your skin.

Step 4:
Step four is our favorite! This is when you smile and breathe a sigh of relief. We simply cover the treated area so it will not get wet and schedule your next treatment.


AT Savannah Anti Aging we understand importance of addressing real concerns when it comes to Anti-Aging.


Dr. E. Ronald Finger & our team of Nurses as well as our Esthetician Anna, are experienced and highly qualified to introduce a variety of options and solutions for  Anti-Aging, or simply to enhance a particular area of concern. When deciding to get rid of old tattoos, the best solutions for you should be discussed, please schedule an initial consultation today and watch that tattoo disappear.